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Michael Jackson still alive? Nope! German TV station , RTL, shows how they made the fake tape!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How easily are we fooled? Apparently, very. A German television station, RTL, has admitted to posting the "michaeljacksonhoax" video on YouTube, that showed the King of Pop apparently jumping out of the back of a coroner's van (you can see the video below). The video has had close to a million views since it was first posted on August 25.

The television station, according to CNN, even sent out a press release stating that the video was fake, but once it was posted it spread very fast.

The television station produced the video for it's magazine as a lesson to people to not take information at face value.

You would think that even after they show how they made the tape, you know the van, the garage THE FUCKING VAN, that people would say aw! you got me, right? Nope! Now, 3 days after the German TV station came out, there is already tons of videos on Youtube showing how it was a real tape and one is 11 MINUTES LONG! Let this man die!


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