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Even Lady Gaga's lips are trying to get away from her!

Monday, February 1, 2010

You know I have to admit that I'm not a Grammy person. Now don't get me wrong I love music but I hate Lady Gaga and she just ruins anything her name is attached to, well at least for me anyways. It is my opinion that she is just another person that came out with the goal to be as extreme as possible. I can only imagine her saying to herself "If I stand out I will be seen". I call it the "I want to be Madonna" thing. After last night's Grammy performance I think her "lips" are feeling the same. It kinda looks like Pac-Man is trying to fight his way out of a pair of underwear. Just saying. My plea to this girl is to stop! We all have seen the older pictures of you. It wasn't until you got popular that you started this "look at me" attitude. So we know it's put on. I have not wanted to see someone disappear this bad since I watched the first episode of Jersey Shore!


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