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My top 5 Actresses who have been in Playboy

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Many women have graced the cover of Playboy over the years but here is the top 5 that have helped me become a man. ALL THE LINKS ARE NSFW!
Marilyn Monroe December 1953 issue -Merry Christmas! Marilyn was the first actress to appear naked in Playboy, and it was in the first issue of Playboy. The picture of her spread out naked on a red sheet is one of the most iconic images of all time. The photo is extremely artistic, and almost looks more like a painting. She was the first actress to use Playboy to further her career, and set the standard for all those who would follow.
-Marilyn Monroe -
Bo Derek March 1980 issue- This conservative Republican and perfect 10 became a sex symbol overnight, and launched a new trend of her own: cornrows. She was destined to appear in Playboy after her steamy scenes on the beach in the film, and her husband at the time shot her Playboy pictorial on the beach, as well, with images of her jogging nude with her pet greyhound, bathing in the water, and sailing. She did Playboy a few more times, just to let the world know that she remained a perfect 10.
-Bo Derek-
Madonna September 1985- Madonna had to do something to make her Playboy shoot memorable, and she did. She didn't shave her armpit hair in her very artistic black-and-white photographs for what looks like quite a long time. She's one of the most famous women in the world, and one of the biggest sex symbols of all time, making the issue of Playboy she appeared in one of the most collectible and sought-after.
Sharon Stone July 1990- Sharon Stone was most well known for her appearance in the film Total Recall before her Playboy appearance, in which she appears topless in black-and-white photos and in a see-through swimsuit. Afterwards, she would go on to appear in one of the most famous sexually charged films of all time, Basic Instinct. Her character in that film made many boys men (and probably had them digging through their fathers' Playboy stashes looking for this issue.)
-Sharon Stone-
You will have to find these on your own. Google them.
and I could never forget-
Jenny McCarthy October 1993- No matter where you seen this girl for the first time, MTV singled out or Basketball, she represented everything in a girl that we wanted to see living next door. The blonde hair and those beautiful set of....eyes...kept us all tuned in and made us tingle in areas that hadn't moved yet. All of us young men owe Jenny a big thank you for all the help in becoming the men we are today!
-Jenny McCarthy-


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